Product Description

The timeless tradition of Swiss skincare is one of quality and idealism: quality ingredients and ideal formulas. Phytotherapy is the embodiment of that tradition. Combining botanical extracts and oils with modern technology, Swissology literally brings life to your skincare regimen. Pleasure your skin with nutrients and enzymatic extracts derived from living plants, and it will look livelier and brighter, feel softer and more resilient, each day. Quality nature has its own ideal formulas for maintaining beautiful skin from the inside out. It’s the perfect standard for the Swiss tradition.

swiss1Daily Moisturizing and Balancing Cleanser

Raise the bar for clean skin to meet Swiss standards, enjoying phytotherapy every day. As you massage away makeup and impurities, your skin’s supply of amino acids is replenished. Moisture is replaced by botanical oils, while pores are cleared and tightened. So tip the balance toward healthier skin by Swissology.




swiss2Nourishing Hand and Body Cream

Swissology lavishes your body with equal attention to detail from head to toe. The luxuriously creamy balm is enriched with nutrient-rich comfrey, firming and conditioning rosemary, and soothing chamomile. So spread the love from the best of Swiss quality and phytotherapy for all of your skin.




swiss3Cellular Reactivation

With each use of this special serum, your skin holds time at bay longer, replenishing itself at the cellular level, being nourished by vitamins and rejuvenated by antioxidants. All derived from botanicals with sterling reputations and a long history of pampering skin. A lot like the Swiss tradition, brought to you by Swissology.




swiss4Daily Active Firming Cream

For a Swiss spa experience, take a course in Swissology. Within minutes of application, this soothing cream reduces swelling and tightens pores in the morning, and soothes irritated skin in the evening. Created from the finest botanicals including soothing aloe and antioxidant-rich green tea, this formula delivers the smoothest, brightest answer for your skin every day.




swiss5Eye Depuff and Anti-Dark Circle Cream

This soothing eye cream reduces swelling and uses pigment stabilizers derived from botanicals to erase dark circles around the lids. The quick-absorbing formulation releases phytonutrients that revitalize tired eyes. Be on the lookout for admiring glances, compliments of Swissology.




swiss6Phyto Night Restorative Cream

Swiss nights can turn back the clock—just add Swissology. The finest natural ingredients and renowned Swiss technology make for the ultimate nocturnal phytotherapy experience. That firmer, brighter complexion in the morning isn’t a dream—it’s Swiss tradition.