Product Description

Choose from botanical ingerdients prized by ancient and modern medicine, formulated in unique Beautao pairs that naturally nuture your skin. Stimulating emolients. Revitalizing berries. Soothing antioxidant-rich teas. Daily and nightly treatments are designed to gently brighten, smooth, and firm your skin. Go beyond moisture for Beautao skin. 100% Paraben Free!

beautao1Cupuacu Butter & Buriti

butter comes from a melon-flavored Amazonian fruit rich in omega-3. Buriti oil comes from an Amazonian palm nut with the highest known beta carotene content. As a Beautao pair, they work tropical magic on your skin, deeply nourishing with essential fatty acids, collagen, vitamins A and C, and elastin while cancelling free radical activity. Both are also natural skin quenchers, with deeply emolliating properties. It’s everything you need for naturally smooth Beautao skin.



beautao2Ucuuba Butter & Green Tea Cleanser

The age-defying antioxidant and mild astringent properties of green tea alone make Ucuuba Butter & Green Tea Cleanser a luxury facial experience. The bonus note of nutrient-rich Amazonian ucuuba butter naturally replenishes tone and moisture to “problem” skin of all types as well. It’s the rainforest’s interpretation of beautiful skin.




beautao3Bamboo Silica Night Collagen Stimulating Cream

Share the secret to the resilience of the bamboo forest every night. The slender green canes are rich in organic silica, a major source of the element silicon. Although essential to the sound regeneration of skin, hair, and bone, the body absorbs less silicon with time. So the “bamboo secret” was blended into a light, creamy formula that nightly restores the integrity of delicate facial skin as it boosts elasticity with collagen, for a radiant new morning.




beautao4Matcha & Açai Berry Day Cream

Açai berries don’t hide from the sun. They grow like lustrous strands of purple-black pearls from palms in the Amazon rainforest. Since their discovery, these antioxidant-rich superstars have been adored for the natural vibrancy and youth they bring to all body systems. Now they’ve been blended with matcha green tea into a light, creamy facial balm with SPF-15 protection for days when you stand in no one’s shadow.




beautao5Neem Embilica Age Intervention Serum

The health gurus of the Indian tropics bring you ageless skin with neem leaf and embilica fruit extracts. Antiseptic neem guards against breakouts, while embilica’s antioxidant, Vitamin C, and tannin-rich karma naturally tones, smoothes, and brightens your complexion. A token of Indian’s timeless health treasures.




beautao6Rice & Olive Leaf Extract Eye Cream

Nuka bijin. Bran beauty. That’s what the Japanese call a geisha-gorgeous lady who rubs rice bran powder or oil into her complexion for silky smoothness, bright, even tone and firmness. Made delicate enough for your eyelids, our cream eliminates time-telling puffiness, dark rings and papery dryness. Nuka bijin. Now that’s eye praise.