Our Commitment to the Earth:
At Dermapeutics, we’re not just being earth-friendly for the sake of a green label. From beginning to end, our carbon footprint treads lightly. Our labels are produced by wind-power, and the company that manufactures our folding cartons reforests the land as part of its dedication to the Forest Stewardship Council.

Our Commitment to the American Economy:
We believe in being part of our economy’s solution. We’re not tempted by the low overseas production costs that lure many of our competitors. All Dermapeutics manufacturing and packaging production takes place in American companies.

Our Commitment Natural Products:
Natural plant secrets are unlocked by scientists in our Beautao and Anti-oxidant Line. Exotic Argan hair oil known to the ancients of Marrakesh in the Kenzia line. Luxurious caviar-enriched anti-aging Creme de Caviar. The earth provides all the natural ingredients we need for beautiful skin and hair. It’s common sense to invest in an abundant future.

Find your favorite way to pamper your skin at our online store now, or buy from one of our retail distributors. You’ll find us where science and beauty become one.

Dermapeutics – doing business in America for America and the World.